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Fashion Nostalgia: 90210’s Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor
Think of Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Kelly Taylor and imagine a red BMW convertible, big blazers, heels with jeans, a carton of potato salad that went to utter waste, birthday dresses and school dance numbers worn at the Peach Pit, the Spring Princess of 1991 at West Beverly, beach cabana wire-bikinis and SPF 50 for a Golden State girl with the skin as pale as Brenda Walsh herself. Oh, Brenda. Yes. Think of Kelly, and think of the Prom of ’93, you know… when Cathy Walsh performed. (She had one question for the Senior class: “Why?”) And Brenda wondered the same as she watched Kelly in her white, flowy mini and slicked back blonde hair dancing the night away with the infamous Dylan McKay.
Kelly may never fully recover from the Mother-Daughter Fashion Show of 1990, but she’ll always have her stint at the Belage when she was cool enough to hang with the guys from Color Me Badd and make face with Dylan in the rooftop pool.
Kelly Taylor will always be reds, blues, and the sponge-painted torquoise walls she later brushed to black when her relationship with Dylan was in Bren-limbo. ‘Best Looking’ in the Senior Superlatives. And as ex-boyfriend Steve Sanders always says of blondes, she’s the California State Flower.


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