What is this blog, anyway?

The purpose of this blog is simple. I am completely obsessed with all things in life that give me that fluttery, familiar, sometimes sad, sometimes overwhelmingly happy feeling that nostalgia creates. Rev up the Ferarri 250GT California and take it up the hills. Imagine the Saturday detention that invented a club for breakfast. Dip into the afternoon and find yourself in flannel. It does something for the soul, it makes you want to chant “Donna Martin graduates!” But this goes beyond gadgets, fads, slasher flicks you watched during a sleepover, bubble gum music videos, and teen dream heartthrobs. It stretches into all forms of mass media. Some people call ideas “fads” and others, like me, have it down to a science. And the science of pop culture is, well, anything. And everything.

So, enjoy.

If there’s something you’re interested in reading about – do please let me know!

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