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Deteriorated, Demolished: The Presence of Nostalgia

About two years ago, I was at the Northwest Film Forum to see Thom Anderson’s short film “Get Out of the Car!” Raised in LA, Anderson has this romanticized yet slightly desensitized love for the aesthetic that is LA, and the speckles and remnants that are left-over, forgotten, painted over, crumbling, or barely noticeable to … Continue reading

Smells like teen spirit.

…Not to be confused with the deodorant brand us girls wore when were 10. Caribbean Breeze, anyone? It’s time to get scent–imental in here. Yes, I know…my creative wordage is at an all-time high. I was thinking about CK One today. CK One was a unisex perfume from the early ’90s – made popular by … Continue reading

Put your pogs away

Earlier today I was thinking about the games we played in school when we were younger. I can picture a group of kids sitting by the small yellow lockers where the 4th and 5th graders kept their books – playing pogs. It’s really no wonder the game was eventually banned from schools. Packs of kids … Continue reading

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