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Deteriorated, Demolished: The Presence of Nostalgia

About two years ago, I was at the Northwest Film Forum to see Thom Anderson’s short film “Get Out of the Car!” Raised in LA, Anderson has this romanticized yet slightly desensitized love for the aesthetic that is LA, and the speckles and remnants that are left-over, forgotten, painted over, crumbling, or barely noticeable to … Continue reading

Neon Indian was made to pull at our 20something heartstrings

Someone once said, we see the world once in childhood; the rest in memory. At least that’s where my mind takes me when I’m listening to Alan Paloma’s creation, Neon Indian, one of the bands to come out of the pre-teens (this decade we’re living in) that will stand out as the two-layer feel-so-good cake … Continue reading

Computer Games We Played

I never played video games as a kid. I did as an adult, but just Project Gotham or the occasional go-around in Grand Theft Auto, which usually involved me stealing a car, scanning through a radio station, cruising town, and then jumping into a body of water and swimming to an unknown location. Let’s be … Continue reading

I Hardly Remember The Babysitters Club…

…So why top what’s already out there? I could include the fact that my co-workers and I have an Ann M. Martin book (“New York, New York”) sitting on our filing cabinet in the middle of our desks and that I vaguely remember purchasing and/or lusting after many of the BSC books at school fairs … Continue reading

Canadian Nostalgia: Under The Umbrella Tree

Do you guys remember that Canadian childrens’ television show from the ’80s about that umbrella tree? Under the Umbrella Tree was that really cute, totally campy show by Noreen Young. It centered around this woman named Holly (played by an actress named Holly) who lived in this  little Victorian home on Spring Street in Ottawa, … Continue reading

Don’t you forget about me.

In memory of my greatest inspiration and icon.  Highland Park, Illinois: to the outsider, it’s a spec on a map, suburbia, a wealthy community of people striving to get their kids into the best colleges; to the John Hughes fanatic, it’s a land of nostalgia, a place of intrigue, and the home of Ferris Bueller. … Continue reading

Shermer High School, Shermer Illinois, 60062.

Before you get all “Hold up!” on me, yes, the title of this article is a false address. However, within the realm of a John Hughes fanatic, the term “Shermer, IL” is as plausible and lucid as, say, the caves of Fraggle Rock are to a Jim Henson groupie.  Anyway, 6 years ago, I went … Continue reading

Truffle shuffle

Before I begin, I think it’s only proper that you get a certain Cyndi Lauper beat going in your head. And as you do that, imagine a group of kids on bike, peddling down a windy Pacific Northwest mountain road. You can hear their bantering from high above the red ciders and spruce, their decided … Continue reading

Showbiz Pizza

Birthday parties conjure up a sequence of imagery: a box covered in glittery blue wrapping paper that sits on my lap as I stare out the window at passing clouds, red patent leather Mary Janes and a cloud of smoke from blowing out the candles on a cake. For the sake of cliches, and because … Continue reading

Showtime, Synergy!

As you may know (or, maybe you don’t) I am sucker for all cartoons, namely those made in the ’80s, or, and this is important to note, ones thats have remnants of ’80s opulence in them, which really doesn’t take much. Give me a thrilling tempo, some thunder, a couple of shining swords, the damsel … Continue reading

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