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Fashion Nostalgia: 90210’s Donna Martin

Donna Martin Fashion
Donna Martin Fashion by khoffman 
Think of Beverly Hills 90210′s Donna Martin and imagine a doe-eyed sidekick in floral stirrup pants, a sunflower hat, and just like the rest of the chicks at West Bev, gliding behind the wheel of a revvin’ Beemer to cruise the zip in. Think of big, blonde hair, the diamond cross necklace she wears on prom night, her evil mother Felice (who wants to keep Donna a virgin for life), and let’s not forget — her father is Doctor Martin. Yes, Doc Martin. But don’t expect this Beverly Hills princess to be sporting  rubber-soled shoes anytime soon. She might have dyed her hair and cut it short or dated other guys than David Silver, but let’s face it, the girl went googily-eyed for the George Michael wannabe in the 10th grade. And we bet she still listens to his “Oooh, baby, oooh” demo from time to time.
Donna Martin will always be tan skin, a mermaid who can’t take a seat, a Parisian model, the biggest fan of Color Me Badd, and Silver’s leading lady. Donna is and always will be, as Kelly says: “Plastered at prom.” But she did graduate.


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