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I Hardly Remember The Babysitters Club…

…So why top what’s already out there? I could include the fact that my co-workers and I have an Ann M. Martin book (“New York, New York”) sitting on our filing cabinet in the middle of our desks and that I vaguely remember purchasing and/or lusting after many of the BSC books at school fairs in elementary school, filling in the book #s that I wanted on tiny slips they handed out in the library. I could describe the underwhelming excitement (I’m lying, I was so excited) during many a mid-afternoon in 1990 when The Disney Channel teased us with that little red bar across the bottom of our screens, the creation of the Scholastic logo – no doubt, accompanied by the pitter-patter of what one might call a ‘prelude to the BSC intro’, a little jingle that talked about counting on your friends, through bad and good times, sending love straight from the heart, feeling blue, growing up together…never to part.

Here’s where I tell the honest truth. I have no recollection of The Babysitters Club. I mean. I remember Claudia’s cool wardrobe, and the feeling that she was constantly misunderstood for being an artist. In that episode when here handmade jewelry disappears…WHOA, you guys. Never before (or since) has there been such a debacle over a plastic bead kit full of Etsy-potential accessories. I remember Kristy bossing everyone around and answering the BSC phone in a way that was totally snappy, but helping that shy girl at school become class President, or something.  Mary Anne was kind of a pushover and I recall she had a whiny voice, but in Episode 1: “Mary Anne and the Brunettes” she DID throw pie in ‘the brunettes’ faces for talking about Logan being such a good kisser, and in the books, I always felt bad for her because she and her dad had it pretty rough. Dawn was super aggro about the environment and got into a huffy flirt-fest with Zach Braff when she found out his mom was the Commissioner of some ‘destroy this park/build this road’ thing, but then she felt like a spaz and invited him over while she was making origami, as if to say:  “I’m actually cool, look at me, I’m wasting paper. I don’t care about the trees that much.” Whatever, Dawn, you don’t fool us for a second.

More to the point, let’s hand it to the people who keep the spark of BSC quite alive. Someone who does remember every detail, so much that her historical knowledge of this series lends itself in her Hairpin article about where these fictional club members are now, compiled the most side-splitting “Where Are They Now” update anyone will ever write. And with that said, there’s another blog I located and adore called “What Claudia Wore”, and whatta ya know! The times they are a-changing. (Back to the late ’80s, that is.) It seems 2011 hipster-cool equals 1987 Claudia Kishi cute. Tie-dyed leggings, floral jeans, long scarves, feathered earrings, droopy fabric headbands? This ain’t some chilly Urban Outfitters blog about the latest street trends, it’s Claudia Kishi’s closet.




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