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“Talking toilet, you may call me Jane.”

Within the last few weeks, I blazed through all five season of Daria. This is not me reviewing the once-amazing, still-amazing animated series that aired on MTV from 1997-2002. This is not me listing the quirks I love most about the show: Trent Lane’s duck phone, Mystik Spiral’s one time hit, “Freakin’ Friends”, the alter-egos (i.e. Quinn as Hello Kitty or Brittany as Edward Scissorhands, but who are we kidding, I could have entire conversations solely about the credit rolling segments), character costume changes from the norm, when Quinn finally acknowledged Daria as her sister to the fashion club, Sick Sad World, and the way Helen Morgendorffer says, “Nnnnookay.”

Instead, I simply want to honor my favorite Daria character, the artistic (not in a “sell-out” way), red jacket wearing, tiger stripe dying, pizza loving, legendary track team all-star, curator of the infamous Jackson Pollack Tribute Dance, Miss Jane Lane.

And what better way to honor her, than to create a little playlist. If I knew how to export it to you, I would. And if i can find a way, I will. But for now, a list will do. If you don’t already have these songs in your collection, you can always go down the flea market, find the girls with the tent full of vinyls, and hope you don’t run into Up-Chuck.

  1. Beck : The New Pollution
  2. Beastie Boys : Sabotage
  3. Cake : Short Skirt/Long Jacket
  4. Cracker : Low
  5. Radiohead : Creep
  6. Fiona Apple: Criminal
  7. The Cranberries: How
  8. Local H : Bound For The Floor
  9. Portishead : Sour Times
  10. School of Fish : Three Strange Days
  11. Smashing Pumpkins : Bullet With Butterfly Wings
  12. Susanne Vega : Tom’s Diner
  13. Sunny Day Real Estate : Red Elephant
  14. Weezer : Undone
  15. Garbage : Paranoid
  16. PJ Harvey : This Mess We’re In
  17. Violent Femmes : Kiss Off
  18. The Cure : Primary
  19. Sonic Youth : Bull In the Heather
  20. The Cardigans : Been It
  21. The Pixies : Where Is My Mind?
  22. Cake : Friend Is A Four Letter Word
  23. Cat Power : The Coat Is Always On
  24. Le Tigre : Dude. Yr So Crazy
  25. Jane’s Addiction : Jane Says

I feel your pain, Jane. Volunteer work never allots us the freedom for our creativity. And Daria, don’t think you’ve been left unscathed. Now that I think about it, I will write about Daria in the future. Sigh, just not today. Today I’m too misanthropic.



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