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Battle of the Bands, ’93

I’ve often wondered why musicians didn’t take to the enormous opportunity to create band names out of some awesome Beverly Hills, 90210 puns. This list I’ve created over the last few months, was a labor-intensive thought process that involved reflection and innate knowledge I have of a show I know incredible detail about. I also want to extend a courteous thank you to my friend and future roundtable cohost (because we are truly qualified to have a pop culture comedy hour), Kenny Lane, for several of his suggestions that came up in late night conversation. (i.e. Me: “I can’t believe I just ate that.” Kenny: “Yeah, it could be laced with U4EA…or worse!”) What you are about to read, is epic. (And it’s been categorized, deal with THAT.)

On and around campus: West Beverly, The Beverly Blaze, Miss Teasley, The Peach Pit, Mega Burger, Green and Chrome

The main digs: Jim and Cindy, The Walsh House, Hillcrest Drive, Casa Del Walsh

Brenda, Brenda, Brenda: Cousin Brenda, Wendy’s Diary, Brenda Can’t Drive, Brenda’s Eyebrows, It’s Brains, Rick is Clark Kent

Dylan McKay (Mad, bad, and dangerous to know): You Know The Drill, Take a Hit Jim!, Iris and The Crystals, Baja Hoodie, Jack in Jail

Brandon Walsh (Honors English, never been late to work, Boy Scout): The Game At Shaw, Mondele, Jordan Bonner, Emily Valentine, U4EA, Trade An Egg, Ice Skating Burritos, New Allowance, Covering for Bren

Kelly Taylor: Spring Princess, Brenda Hates Kelly, Kelly and The Carpenter, Jackie’s Addiction, Babette Blow, Gay Kyle, Turquoise Sponge Paint, Diet Pills, The Red Beemer, End of Summer Rash

Steve Sanders: Steve-o, i-Ferrari, Stolen Corvette, The Legacy Key, The Hartley House, Senior Buddies, Mango Daiquiri, Rumors About Kelly

Ahhhndrea Zuckerman: The Vests of Andrea, Yale Tightrope, Bubby’s Couch, The Chief

Donna Martin: Champagne at Prom, Donna Martin Graduates, David Can’t Wait, Felice and the Affair, Doctor Martin

David Silver: Young David, Oral Surgeon Silver, David’s Demo Tape, Misses Scanlon, Little Sister Sue, Zombie Scott, Living Room Line Dance



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