Smells like teen spirit.

…Not to be confused with the deodorant brand us girls wore when were 10. Caribbean Breeze, anyone?

It’s time to get scent–imental in here. Yes, I know…my creative wordage is at an all-time high. I was thinking about CK One today. CK One was a unisex perfume from the early ’90s – made popular by the heroin chic, waifer thin models dressed in Calvins. I went through the half bottle my babysitter gave me, and still own the full bottle I bought thereafter. The one I received came with the most amazing silver pencil case you’ll never see or remember or ever be gifted with by purchasing any perfume to date, and thin silver pencils that had really awful erasers…like, entirely nonfunctional and disappointing.  CK One should never open a school supply store.


So, with that said — what are some scents you remember from your childhood? My first perfume as a little kid was Love’s Baby Soft. It came in a pink bottle and smelled like a combination of baby powder, Joey McIntyre, and the summer beach episodes from season 2 of Beverly Hills, 90210. My mom always wore one perfume throughout the ’80s and ’90s, and that was Anais Anais. It still comes in the same white bottle with a decorative pastel floral motif around it that looks like wallpaper from the movie Flowers in the Attic. In short: It smells like hairspray and a Saturday night.

But back to my CK One phase (roughly from 1994-1997.) At that time, little teeny bopper jewelry shops in the mall like Claire’s and Afterthoughts came out with a line of scented clear nail polishes, including one scented like CK One, and another infused with another popular perfume from that era, Sunflowers. The Gap was also the source of signature scent purchases. As a 5th grader, my choice Gap perfume was Dream. The other choices were Heaven, Om, and Grass. I was walking down the sidewalk last night and could have sworn I walked past a boy wearing Gap Dream. It infiltrated my nostrils with the Gin Blossoms, adventures in the mall, and pens with fluffy puff balls on them.


Don’t get me started on Love’s advertising scheme. Elementary school is not sexy, you know? This reminds me of a New Kids on the Block video I watched way back when where one of the guys mentioned an 8 year old had sent them photos of herself in a bathing suit. Not. Sexy.



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