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Triple the action, triple the gore

So, without further hesitation, I think it’s about that time we have that “reincarnation of the horror film” talk. In the mid ’90s, most weekends were devoted to sneaking in to [insert R rated movie title here]. If any of those films featured Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, Ryan Phillipe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and/or Jennifer Love Hewitt, it was bound to be a scream fest…and I was there for it.

Horror films of the ’90s had four prerequisites: the names Wes Craven and/or Kevin Williamson attached, a soundtrack chock full of sugary alternative bands whose lyrics talked about summer fun and being rad, popular teen celebrities who were once on mediocre television shows as children (refer to first paragraph?), and the raging belief that one of the main characters in the film MUST be the killer. More times than not, this was infact the case. But, let’s be honest. A double murder happens and the next day at school your boyfriend is acting strange. Of course, you decide he’s acting completely weird because he killed your classmates last night. Yes, that makes the most sense.

The Scream trilogy and the onslaught of I Know What You Did Last Summer movies, were the most popular teen screams, regenerating the horror genre in theaters and making everyone want more. Scream did two things: it paid its respects to every small detail a horror film must have, including verbal classic horror film references from the characters; and it also created trends – that Scream costume is probably still a presence on the neighborhood block among trick-or-treaters. I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer succeeded in one thing: it gave Jennifer Love Hewitt a paying gig for a couple of years.

Allegedly, Scream 4 is in the works, and by works, I mean – rumored talk about it is all over the internet. Yes, it is 2008, and no, apparently Sidney Prescott’s story is not finished. Perhaps the guys over at Weinstein Co. need a refresher course on what happens in situations like these. Exhibit A: the straight-to-DVD I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer – a comedy, if you will, complete with lengthy amounts of “bonus footage” that no person in their right mind would take the time to watch. (My friends and I did, and it served for more laughter, quotable commentary and long-term hallucinations.) With that said, let’s give Neve Campbell a rest. No one wants to hear her whining and crying about Cotton Weary anymore.




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