Nick is kids!

I may have been the last one to find out the tragic news. But several months ago, I finally saw the pictures of the abandoned Nickelodeon Studios, followed by pictures of the building painted over in blue, to make way for The Blue Man Group. Rumor has it, all that’s left of the lot, once the picturesque image of childhood fantasies cascading down into a fountain of slime, are the orange splat name plates on the doors of the offices upstairs. I, oddly enough, find comfort in knowing this, however factual it may be. 

I’ve never gotten over Nickelodeon. It’s like a relationship you never wanted to end. And I don’t think we ever even got the “it’s not you, it’s me” line. It’s the least they could have done. Instead, our shows that we so dearly treasured, the ones that we raced home from school to watch, slowly found their way out of our livings room. SNICK ended, Stick Stickly no longer wanted us to write to him in New York City, New York state, 10108, our babysitters grew up, and before we knew it, even the reruns stopped playing. 

Now, maybe, like life itself, it was time to move on, to grow up. Maybe Clarissa had finally explained it all, maybe there were no more adventures for Pete and Pete (although, I’m biased here and firmly believe there could never be a limit on the Wrigley adventures); maybe summer camp finally ended at Camp Anawanna, and the Midnight Society had run out of ghost tales, or just that magic dust…sand…stuff…

But I think we, “we” being the generation of kids who grew up with a freeze pop in one hand, a fruit roll-up in the other and know the meaning of killer tofu, just want a little gak on our faces from time to time. I guess the point to this ranting and raving is that I wish I could see these shows played on TV after all of these years, just once in a while. Sure, we can watch grainy segments that people have put together on Youtube and pretend its just as good, and we can buy the DVDs that we find buried in the stacks at Best Buy, but, I think we want more. Kids growing up today shouldn’t be deprived of this golden era in Nickelodeon’s past. They’re missing out. Hopefully, they just watch Adult Swim. 

On that note, I wonder what Ferguson looks like these days? Hot? Maybe? 





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